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Author: H. BOUTER

Pages: 90

Publisher: Chapter Two

Publish Date: 1994

Edition: 1st

Condition: New.

Binding: Hardback

Markings: N/A.


In the beginning

Genesis means origin or birth. It is the “book of beginnings”, the basis of God’s self-revelation. Here we find the beginning of everything: the creation of the heavens and earth, the origins of life, of man and his world. Genesis1 to 11, in particular, contain numerous important principles that have left their mark on world history and are still meaningful today. These chapters describe the earliest history of mankind until the building of the tower of Babel. The accounts of Creation, the fall of man, the Great Flood and its consequences, are important for a clear understanding of the world in which we live. But they will remain meaningful until the end time. Several terms and expressions in Genesis1 to 11 return in the last chapters of the book of Revelation, which describes the ultimate goal of God’s dealings with Planet Earth.