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The matter of Headship and Head Covering is largely ignored by most Christians today. How important is the Headship of God? How important is the Headship of Christ and of man? Does it really matter to God that men have their heads uncovered and women have their heads covered in His presence? What saith the Scriptures? The author clearly sets forth this subject in the light of divine instructions given in the Holy Scriptures. May the Lord grant His people the spirit of subjection of heart and mind to His divine precepts.


  1. Preface
  2. Headship
    1. Three Symbols
    2. Triune Headship
    3. Head Covering
    4. Man
    5. Woman
    6. Shame of Woman's Uncovered Head
    7. General Application
  3. Order in Creation
    1. The Angels
    2. What Nature Teaches
    3. Long Hair Not A Head-Covering
  4. Assembly Order
    1. For All Assemblies
    2. Refusal of Head-Covering
  5. Not A Matter of Cultural Custom
    1. Our Present Need
  6. Gleanings On Headship and Head-Covering