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Author: W. T. P. WOLSTON

Pages: 230

Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers

Publish Date: 1982

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Handfuls Of Purpose

1. Who doesn't need the secret of overcoming?
The title says little about the contents of this collection. Handfuls of Purpose provides an eclectic collection of 16 lectures including these gems, Devotedness in Difficult Days, Overcoming: Its Secret and Faith's Encouragement in Evil Days. You'll get other lessons from Nehemiah, Jehoshaphat, David and more.
2. Like Listening to a Trusted Friend
Wolston mentions there is straw in every handful of grain we pick up and no doubt he would have included his own writings in that statement. However the warm and conversational tone is easy to follow and encouraging as well.
3. Doesn't Assume Too Much
Wolston does a good job of not assuming too much Bible knowledge from the reader. You get a pretty basic and simple presentation of God's Word in these pages. However it isn't that the author doesn't occasionally make some assumptions. The very simplest ministry we have can be found in the Bible Talks series which now includes The Divine Son, The Servant's Heart and The Kingly One . You might also consider them as good starting points for ministry meditation.