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Author: A. J. POLLOCK

Pages: 48

Publisher: Moments With The Book

Binding: Paperback

Where are the body and soul after death? Will heaven and hell both be forever?
This book thoroughly answers both of these questions from the Scriptures in a plain, east-to-read style. In fact, we must agree with the author when he says that this book is clear enough and exhaustive enough to clear up any confusion on these subjects.
Using clear comparisons of the words translated "grave" and "hell" in both the Old and New Testaments, this book helps us understand what the Bible says about the body and soul after death.
The author then gives the background and usage of "gehenna" and "lake of fire" in the Scriptures, and addresses some common misconceptions about God's judgment of sinners in hell. The idea of a "second chance" for salvation is debunked, and the contrasting and sometimes confusing concepts of immortality and destruction are cast into the light of the Word of God.