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We see revealed in the story of Esther the ongoing division between the Jews and the Amalekites. This struggle first began in the book of Exodus, continues through the life of King Saul and reappears in the story of Esther in the person of Haman. We learn in the book of Esther of the final effort recorded in the Old Testament of the complete eradication of the Jews. However, the theme threaded throughout this book is that the purposes and plans of a sovereign God will come to pass. His eye is constantly over His own and His providential care is brought to light.

Paul Meijer wonderfully opens this book up to us in a fresh way. He not only gives us the historical account of Esther, but he is able to give us a very intriguing character study of Ahasuerus, Vashti, Mordecai, Haman and Esther herself. Paul, in his easy-to-read style, goes on to describe how each character speaks to us in type and gives us very practical applications for where we might find ourselves in our everyday lives. And at the same time brother Paul dives deep into the purpose and meaning of this wonderful book of Esther, illustrating the bigger picture of how Esther is written with God’s Son and God’s people in view.

Hardcover, 160 pages