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Pages: 136

Publish Date: 2015

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA 

Binding: Paperback 


The first 40 years of Christianity—about AD 30-70—probably saw all the apostles dead except John, who was exiled (Rev.1:9). There had been division and many grievous sins during this time period. One of the great assemblies—Ephesus—had left their first love, Christ. Other things displaced Him as first in their lives.

But we are told many marvelous truths about how the very early Church acted and their great love for one another. They felt as "one" although often at great physical distances from each other: "There is one body." Charles Stanley (1821-1888), that great English evangelist and teacher, in his great love for God's people everywhere, wrote this book to turn the Lord's own to look at how God wanted the early Christians to conduct themselves. God's will regarding these things has never changed! Will we compare how we are acting with how God says He wants us to act, as stated in those early years?

We have edited this book to make it essentially as readable as any 21st century book. We made the article, What is the Church, the first chapter since the Church is mentioned throughout the book and we felt the definition should be first, for the Lord loves His Church and wants us to understand what we are a part of—part of "His body" and of "the house of God"—His dwelling place! These great truths were especially taught by the apostle Paul.

We believe you will enjoy Charles Stanley as much as he was enjoyed by thousands in the mid-to-late 1800s. We know you'll be refreshed by his ministry.