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Hamilton Smith is well known for his concise, easy-to-read, Christ-centered commentaries. This little work on the two epistles to the Thessalonians is no exception.

In connection with First and Second Thessalonians the author has written that, “In the different epistles, God has made rich provision of spiritual food suitable for every stage of Christian growth. The Thessalonian Epistles were written to the young in the faith. Thus we do not fi nd unfolding of the counsels of God, or of the Mystery of the Church, as in the Ephesians and Colossians.” In both epistles, the apostle rather, focuses on the subject of the Lord’s coming.

In the First Epistle the subjects of faith, love, and hope are brought before us. The Apostle comforts these new believers in revealing the truth of the coming of the Lord for His saints.

In the Second Epistle Paul exposes the error that the “Day of the Lord ” had already arrived and foretells the apostasy of Christendom and the manifestation of the man of sin. 

Both epistles close with practical exhortations connected with the walk of the believers as they wait for the coming of the Lord.

We highly recommend this commentary for both new and older believers alike.