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Author: L.M. GRANT

Pages: 159

Publisher: Believer's Bookshelf

Publish Date: 1990

Edition: 1st

Condition: New.

Binding: Hardback

Markings: N/A.


Exploring the Revelation

Few books of the Bible are considered as mysterious and deep as the book of Revelation. The vivid imagery, the use of Old Testament Scriptures, the solemn judgments and the vast scope of the book often discourage a careful study of Revelation, especially by younger believers. But as Mr. Grant says “Revelation means just what it says. Though many symbols are used in the book, they are intended to be understood, to be revealed, not hidden. It follows that every believer should be concerned about learning it well.” This little book, while not the most exhaustive on the subject, will help the reader learn it well. The emphasis is on clear exposition, especially in light of current events. But the writer does not speculate, rather he presents principles regarding God’s ways in judgment. Knowledge of such principles and the events they govern will be of little value to the believer, however, if there is not the practical response to the teaching of the book. “Although all believers are servants of Jesus Christ, yet we must be servants in practice if we are to properly understand Revelation.” This volume will help to understand both the book and what our response to the truth presented in Revelation should be.