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Pages: 286

Publish Date 2015

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA

Binding: Paperback


After completing his excellent book on Genesis, Paul Palmer, Sr. has herein written on Exodus, that action-packed account of the children of Israel as slaves in Egypt, their miraculous escape (or exodus) from Egypt, and their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness where God established the Tabernacle and gave Israel the Law. Paul takes us through these many steps and gives us the practical spiritual realities that will help us in our spiritual life in a generally godless world. He constantly turns our thoughts to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Paul writes in a modern, clear style, uses the modern-reading New King James Version as his main translation, and makes this somewhat obscure (to many) Old Testament book come alive for all ages from teens, up. The whole life of Moses is seen and many practical lessons learned from the three equal (40 year) parts of his life—as a supposed royal Egyptian, as a shepherd in the desert, and as God’s leader of His people. Through lessons given to Moses, Paul brings out much that will help us in our Christian lives. We believe you will find this book well worth reading and will make you also want to read his book on Genesis!