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Pages: 304

Publish Date 2014

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA

Binding: Paperback

The first book of the Bible—Genesis (beginnings)—takes us from the creation of the heavens and earth to the creation of Adam and Eve, to their sin and fall, through the time of Noah's flood, to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and Joseph. It takes us from creation to approximately 1500 BC. Most conservative scholars agree that under inspiration Moses compiled Genesis, as well as the next four books of the Bible, referred to by our Lord in Luke 24:27, "beginning at Moses ..." The subject matter of Genesis is immense and vital to an understanding of the whole Bible.

Paul Palmer takes us chapter by chapter and at times verse by verse through this tremendous book, containing the seed-plot of almost every major doctrine of Scripture. He writes in a clear, personable style, with application made that brings the Lord Jesus Christ constantly before our minds and hearts. We learn how blessed it is to be obedient to our Lord, even when He puts us through deep trials. There is blessing at the end! We believe you will find this book well worth your reading, and that you will be blessed and encouraged by it.

About the author

Paul Palmer Sr. was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. In 1977, he and his family migrated to South Florida where he and his wife, Valerie, still reside. Their three children with their families are in the Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina areas. Since graduating from Munro College, Paul has worked in the air cargo industry. Besides helping at Bible camps in Florida, Paul serves on the boards of Believers Bookshelf USA and Carmel Hills, a Christian retirement community in Charlotte.