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Author: Bruce Anstey

Binding: Paperback


This epistle is unique in that it gives us extraordinary insight into Paul's inner life in a way in which no other epistle does. In four short chapters, he makes reference to himself about 90 times! From this, we see that Paul felt free to speak to the Philippians in a way in which one would only do with those who were his closest friends. He knew that they had him in their hearts and in their prayers (chap. 1:7, 19), and that they had proved their love for him by giving to him out of their deep poverty—and that more than once (2 Corinthians 8:1-2; Philippians 4:15-16). Having this bond with the Philippians, Paul was at liberty to disclose his inner feelings and desires in an extremely open manner.

He writes spontaneously and informally, as a friend pouring out his heart to those who love him. In doing so, we see the experience of a man in Christ living in communion with God and in the enjoyment of his heavenly blessings. Thus, we have an opportunity to examine Paul's inner thoughts and feelings, and to see firsthand what characterizes the normal Christian life. Being permitted to peer into his soul, as this epistle affords us, we find that there is but one thing there—Christ! Christ and His interests were the sum and substance of his life, as he says so aptly in chapter 1:21—"For to me to live is Christ." With such a glorious occupation engaging Paul's heart and mind, we see him rejoicing in spirit, even though he was living in unfavourable conditions! We learn from this that the secret to having a happy, fruitful life is to make Christ our sole Object and to devote ourselves to furthering His interests on earth.


Table of Contents

1. Philippians, The Epistle of Paul to the

2. Philippians 1: Christ — The Purpose of the Christian Life

3. Philippians 2: Christ — The Pattern for the Christian Life

4. Philippians 3: Christ — The Prize of the Christian Life

5. Philippians 4: Christ — The Power of the Christian Life