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Author: Bruce Anstey

Binding: Paperback


James wrote this epistle to his fellow Jewish countrymen who professed to have received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. His desire was to encourage them to show out their faith, and thus prove that they were true believers indeed. This was needed in those early days of Christianity because there was a growing number among them who were not real believers at all. Since there are more merely professing Christians today than ever, this epistle has never been needed more.

James, therefore, takes up a number of circumstances in everday life wherein real faith in a person will evidence itself in an unmistakable way, and thus will prove the reality of that person’s faith. James emphasizes the importance of each believer proving the reality of his or her faith with conduct that demonstrates it. He exhorts them to a practical walk that is befitting to a true Christian which would show that he is a real believer. The key verse in the book is chapter 2:18— “I will show thee my faith by my works.”