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In Season 5, find how a broken family discovers the healing balm of Gilead. Becca and Luke's mom walked out on them when they were young kids. Now they're teens and starting to figure out life on thir own. So why has their mom come back? With the Morrisons standing close to this hurting family, this season will stretch everyone's faith and trust like no other time in their lives, and lead them to discover God's overwhelming peace.
Includes these 12 episodes:
• Spoiled Sport (Everything for God’s glory)
• Justin Time (Brotherly love)
• Snot Fair! (Trials draw us closer to God)
• Chocolate-Covered Promises (keeping your word)
• The Domino Effect (Your actions affect others)
• Comeback Mom (Security in God)
• Talk to Me (Growing up, not apart)
• Brighter Days (Spiritual Growth)
• Springloaded (Humility)
• Home to Stay (Renewing our walk with God)
• A Time to Mourn (Coping with tragedy)
• And a Time to Dance (Accepting God’s grace)
This set includes scenes never-before-heard on the radio or the web.