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It's Season Twelve of the hit family radio drama, Down Gilead Lane. This CD set is packed with extended scenes and lots of great adventure from your favorite town and your favorite characters.

A Hope By Any Other Name (Being who God made you to be)
Always Stay in Control (Who's really in control in this life)
One Way (Stepping forward in faith with the truth you believe)
Virtual Unreality (Keeping God the center of our lives)
Respect the French Toast (Falling in Love)
Making the Most (Making the most of every opportunity)
Famous Last Words (Following God with all your heart, actions and words)
Crossroads (Facing the consequences and trusting God to take care of you)
A Not So Quick Fix (Facing the storm)
The Journey Home (Knowing the one who can help you out)
Saving Messages (Watching someone close to you choose to make a bad decision)
Good Night and God Bless (Trusting God in the middle of tough situations)
And So It Goes (Walking forward with trust)