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There’s something strange happening on GILEAD LANE. A mysterious new neighbor has everyone talking! But what’s the real story behind the rumors? It’s the town’s biggest mystery and the Morrison kids want to know the truth about that CRAZY GRACE. From the first episode – you’ll get to know the Morrisons! They’re a family trying to live by God’s Eternal Word, while dealing with life’s everyday challenges. You’ll be there when Brooke stresses out about her first day in high school – or when Michael tries to be nice to the meanest girl in school. How does God help them through it all? That’s what you’ll discover - DOWN GILEAD LANE.
Season One gets you 13 exciting and fun episodes – each with special message for today’s family! Plus BONUS scenes never heard on the radio or web!
• Meet the Morrisons (Dealing with change)
• The Unlovables, Parts 1&2 (Loving your enemies)
• Overtime (Spending time with those you love)
• Brains vs. Brawn (Doing your best brings glory to God)
• Food for Thought (Strive to please God, not man)
• Rumor has it… (Taming the tongue)
• Sick of It (Balancing work and rest)
• Of Mike and Fin (Being dependable)
• The Lonely Ranger (Loneliness)
• See No Evil, Fear No Evil (Guarding your thoughts)
• It’s All About Me (Selfishness)
• Like a Good Neighbor (Loving your neighbor)
DOWN GILEAD LANE is recorded and mastered in full digital stereo with a full musical score and a professional cast!