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How can a born-again Christian lead a fulfilled life, honoring God and producing fruit for eternity7 What do these words of the Lord Jesus, "Abide in me and I in you ... for without me you can do nothing" (John 75:4-5), mean in this context? What helps and tools are available to us to live in dependence on God-and how can we best use them?

These a re important questions that every true discipie of Christ who has the desire to live a life devoted to God should ask themselves. The devotions in this book are meant to be a help to find answers to these questions, and to be an encouragement to faithfully follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Master.

The "leader and completer of faith" has shown us through His example what it practically means to live in dependence on God on a daily basis. We should learn from Him. His wonderful life encourages and motivates us to true discipleship. At the same time we are challenged to reconsider our own lives­ and when necessary to correct them!