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Leather KJV Bible – C.I. Scofield Study Notes

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This edition contains notes from C. I. Scofield’s 1917 study Bible, including his chain reference system on scriptural themes.The editors made grammatical changes to the introductions, section headings, cross references, and footnotes and updated abbreviations no longer in common usage to improve the modern reader’s experience. This Bible comes in a black leather with gold headbands. The binding includes red and gold ribbons.

Features Include

  • Introductions to each book of the Bible
  • Subheadings
  • Dates and Cross references
  • Footnotes
  • Reference index
  • Dictionary of proper names
  • Index and Concordance
  • Maps in full color

Other features

  • Two-column layout
  • Digitally typeset in Lexicon No1 8pt font
  • Marginal references
  • Space in the margins for personal notes
  • Matching headbands and ribbon marker
  • Premium sewn binding
  • Gold lettering

Additional Information

Dimensions 8.2 × 6.2 × 1.3 in
Cover Black leather with gold stamping
Translation King James Version
Comentary Notes from C. I. Scofield’s 1917 study Bible
Language English
ISBN 978-0-9971964-6-7