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Titus and Philemon are two of the smaller books of the New Testament. Unlike many of Paul’s epistles which were addressed to assemblies, these two small epistles were written to two very different individuals, but both books were inspired by the same Holy Spirit. The author’s comments are concise but full of rich instruction and very helpful for all who are interested in studying these two interesting epistles.

Comments on Titus

The name Titus means “nurse” and to care properly for the state of souls he must allow the truth to do its own vital work in his own soul. Everything from the practical teaching for elders, the nature of the Gospel, and the second coming of Christ are the apostle’s topics in this short epistle!

Comments on Philemon

Why would the apostle Paul be interested in the problem of a runaway slave and his master ? How could such a subject even have any relevance in our day-and-age? No word of Scripture is without profit or relevance, and Titus, one of the shortest books of the New Testament is no exception. Study it and find out!