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L.M. Grant has been teaching & writing for many years. His writing are well respected across the many lines of the so-called Plymouth Brethren

Leviticus is named for Levi, whose name means “joined.” It is a book that deals with God’s holy principles in joining His people to Himself as worshippers. Therefore the offerings are the first thing presented as necessary for approaching God: the burnt offering, meal offering, peace offering, trespass offering—all pictures of the one offering of Christ in its various aspects. The priesthood is presented throughout Leviticus. Aaron is a type of Christ and his sons typical of all believers of this present church age, “a holy priesthood.”

The “feasts of Jehovah” in chapter 23 present to us God’s “prophetic timetable” from redemption till the millennium. These feasts point to the greatness of God’s own work in His dispensational dealings. The great theme of Leviticus is that of drawing near to God in holy worship. How wonderful of our God to declare these things to us in such detail long before they would be fulfilled!

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