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L.M. Grant has been teaching & writing for many years. His writing are well respected across the many lines of the so-called Plymouth Brethren

Joshua means "Jehovah-Saviour," which is the same as Jesus in the Greek language. Israel entered the Promised Land in a miraculous way through the river Jordan, a type of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus as linked with His people. The general theme is that of taking possession of the land God had given.

The Book of Joshua compares with Ephesians in the New Testament, for the land of Canaan speaks of "heavenly places," the present blessed sphere into which believers are brought "in Christ Jesus."
Our blessings are in heavenly places (Eph. 1:3) We must have on "the whole armor of God," by which to defeat the hosts of Satan who would hinder us from our enjoying what is rightly ours. By faith let our feet tread in that good land, and make it experimentally our own.