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Author: L.M.GRANT

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John is unique in its majestic glory. Here the Lord Jesus is manifested as the Creator, the eternal, only begotten Son of God, sent from the Father to fully reveal His glory. He is here presented as the Object of our adoring worship.

This Gospel is not therefore synoptic (that is, providing a general view of the Lord’s life and works on earth), as are the other three Gospels, but draws special attention to His person and to His words, as witnessed even by His enemies: “Never man spoke thus, as this man speaks” (ch. 7:46).

The miracles and parables here recorded also provide clear witness to His personal divine glory.

The sweet simplicity of John gives it a wonderful drawing power for those seeking the way of salvation or who are new in the faith; yet its more hidden depths of meaning have awakened the unfeigned admiration of the most profound scholars.