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Author: H. P. Barker

Binding: Paperback

The Old Testament contains 12 comparatively short prophetic books perhaps unfortunately called the "minor prophets." Yet, as part of divine inspiration, they contain much prophetic truth, and as this book seeks to emphasize, much truth concerning the Lord Jesus. The Lord is going to be glorified—His excellence manifested on earth. He is going to be the supreme ruler of this earth, reigning in His kingdom-glory for 1000 years. And we of the Church (and all of the first resurrection) will reign with Him (Rev.20:4,6). Therefore, these mostly short books should be important to us!

Harold Primrose Barker (1869-1952) traveled extensively presenting the gospel to the unsaved and teaching Christians in both oral and written ministry, such as this book. He caused controversy in later life as to the "position" he chose to take, but he always presented Christ in a manner that should have no controversy. He died while ministering in Jamaica and was buried in Kingston.

We generally think of Christ on earth thanks to the extensive teaching of the Gospels. But, as this book shows, He is presented in many other ways for our instruction and enjoyment. May you enjoy brother Barker's presentation!