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Author: F.B. HOLE

Pages: 59

Publisher:Believers Bookshelf

Publish Date: 1990

Edition: Second

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Assembly Principles

The truth of the Assembly as presented in Scripture is almost lost today as far as the masses of God`s dear people are concerned. Believers are so caught up in the various denominations that the truth of the Assembly as God sees it and as given in His Word seem out of place and even strange.
F. B. Hole, a cousin of Hamilton Smith, was born in England in 1874. For many years before his call home to be with the Lord in 1964, he was a well known, beloved and respected Bible teacher among the English assemblies.
Assembly Distinctives point out from Scripture how Christians should gather for "church" fellowship and briefly contrast that with what is commonly practiced today. It is a good summary of many of the principles found in this book.
Robert Costen continues to travel among the assemblies teaching and encouraging the people of God.