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Author: Lois Walfried Johnson

Pages: 129

Publisher: Mott Media

Publish Date: 2010

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Someone is trying to steal Kate's horse! Will she lose Windsong to a crook? With the reward money Kate received in Calumet burning a hole in her pocket, she, Anders, and Erik head to Charlie Saunder's livery stable to buy Kate a horse of her own. A beautiful black stallion is for sale, but when Kate discovers she can buy two poorly cared for horses for the price of one, she strikes a deal. While riding home with Windsong and Breeza, Kate and Erik are startled when someone tries to grab Windsong. Kate is able to elude the would-be thief and make it home safe, but she is frightened. Who would want to steal a scruffy, underfed horse? When Windsong's lead rope is deliberately untied and the horse disappears, Kate becomes convinced her horse must be more valuable than she first believed. Determined to keep Windsong for herself, Kate decides to solve the mystery but at what cost to her family? A dangerous thief, a mysterious mare, and a terrible fire-how will they escape?