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1 CORINTHIANS 12 The subject, which the apostle covers in this chapter, was one most deeply needed at that time by the Corinthian saints, and is still much needed today. There is no greater forgetfulness of any part of the truth of God amongst Christians, than as to their great need of the Holy Spirit on the one hand, and as to God’s great gift of Him on the other. Here we have the truth of the church viewed as that to which God had given the Spirit of “power” (1 Cor. 12) of “love” (1 Cor. 13), and of the “sound mind” that should be shown (1 Cor. 14). The Spirit of power was there; but, whatever the energy He works in, the Holy Spirit has in no way set aside responsibility. Man cannot understand this. A divine person, His office is to be here, that He might be in the saints, the dwelling of God, and that they should have therefore an infinite resource; but, at the same time, not so that the might of the almighty Spirit of God could not be thwarted and hindered.