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Pages: 187

Publish Date 2020

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA

Binding: Paperback


Paul Palmer Sr. continues his series of books on the Old Testament with this book on 1 Kings. It begins with King David as an old man and continues with the life of King Solomon. We then see the kingdom divided under Rehoboam, Solomon’s son—a division that will not be healed until the Lord begins His 1000-year reign. 1 Kings continues with accounts of various kings of Judah (2 tribes) and Israel (10 tribes).

There are many choices to be made in our lives! This book of the Bible shows how even generally godly people can easily fail when acting in the flesh—the old, sinful nature. We pray that you will keep up with this series of books. We believe it will be money very well spent!

Paul Palmer Sr. was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. In 1977, he and his family migrated to South Florida. Paul and his wife Valerie now live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have three grown children. Paul worked for many years in the air cargo industry before leaving secular employment to serve the Lord full time. Beside preaching in North American assemblies and at camps and conferences, Paul serves on the Believers Bookshelf USA Council and on the Carmel Hills retirement community board of directors.