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Author: E. J. THOMAS

Pages: 111

Publish Date: 2020

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf Inc.

Binding: Paperback


This end-time prophecy of Matthew 24 and similar portions has caused much confusion simply because people lump it together with other prophecies which deal with different people and different times. The Bible reader is expected to “rightly divide” God’s Word and that requires us to pay attention to every word in our Bibles. The details are important when interpreting prophecy! This prophecy deals with Jews, not Christians; with end-time earth, not heaven. Some questions are:

What is the next prophecy for the rapture?

What is the next prophecy for the “appearing” of Christ on earth?

Who are the two “beasts” of Revelation 13?

Who are the 144,000?

What is the gospel of the kingdom?

What is the final and complete apostasy?

What is Daniel’s 70th week; what is the last half of that week called? [the great …]

What event closes that week?

Who is the final king and where does he reign (Zech.14:9)?

Many other questions are asked and answered by this outstanding book. What will it be like to appear with Christ in glory (Col.3:4)! The book fills in many more details. Editing has been done for clarity and to bring the book up to date.

E.J. Thomas of the United Kingdom (1839–1923) wrote this book in 1910. He was a detailist—something important when every word of our Bibles, accurately translated, is important.