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We could call the book of Acts the Acts of God’s power instead of the Acts of the Apostles. This amazing book sets forth the beginning of the Church. In it we see the Lord Jesus Christ taking a small group of followers, followers were discouraged and frighten at the end of the gospel of John, and turning them into courageous ambassadors who turn the world upside down !

Beginning in the very fi rst chapter these disciples were told that they would be left here in this world as Christ’s witnesses ! They had already been promised power from on high and were to wait for it together and in obedience and dependence they waited. On the Day of Pentecost this Power came in the Person of the Holy Spirit and this world has never been the same since.

The book of Acts is divided into three basic sections (chapters 1-7; 8-12; 13-28), each focusing on particular audience. While in each section the witness being used may be different the gospel message is the same and we see it spreading like wild fi re out on a prairie. We see the combustible faith of men and women being ignited in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Church is not only born, but it grows and multiplies, even under persecution and in spite of much difficulties. While you and I are living toward the end of what we might call the Church Period, there are many practical lessons we can learn from the book of Acts. While the book of Acts is a transitional book, there are many things that remain the same today, Christ is still the head of His Assembly, the Holy Spirit is still present and powerful, the Word of God lives and abides forever and we are still called to be His witnesses.