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Author: H. L. Heijkoop

Binding: Paperback

Election - Lecture 8
What an astonishing miracle of God's grace that we, once sinful, hateful enemies, should be brought so close to God!
These booklets are based on a series of lectures given by brother H. L. Heijkoop.
The subject of these studies are still very interesting and of great help for any believer wondering what Scripture tells us about:

- Who is God and who is man?
- Repentance, confession and new birth
- Justification and peace with God
- Deliverance and salvation
- The sealing and anointing with the Holy Spirit and His indwelling in the believer
- Eternal life
- The leading of the Holy Spirit
- Election

These essentials of Christian faith should be prayerfully considered by every serious believer. May our God bless any reader who carefully studies these subjects in the light of the Holy Scriptures, so as to discover more of the treasures which are found in Christ alone.