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L.M. Grant has been teaching & writing for many years. His writing are well respected across the many lines of the so-called Plymouth Brethren

Deuteronomy means “repetition of the law.” It is an address by Moses to Israel, in which he faithfully reviews their history, bringing everything out in the light of God’s own glory. He shows in that history God’s approval of their acts of obedience and His disapproval of their disobedience. But he also shows the marvelous grace, patience, and wisdom of God in the ways of His government. So they were to remember how that God had led them. He had humbled them to prove whether or not they would be obedient. He had fed them with manna that they might learn their dependence on Him and that we may learn that man does not live by bread alone but by the all-sufficiency of His Word. This book reminds us that the details of our lives are more important than we think, for these will receive close attention when we stand before the Lord in that day.

Pages 158