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“...being born again is at once both the highest and deepest personal, spiritually transforming experience you can ever have. It is the work of God. It is forever. There is nothing to compare it with. All else follows and flows from it.” —Author

“The simplicity and directness of presentation is quite engaging and leaves hardly any room for the reader to drift from its thrust. The theology of it seems to me quite faithful to Scripture.” —Ayo O.

“As you read this book, you will find out for yourself that the author makes it clear that you must be born again, for the joy that follows is overwhelming.

“I heartily and sincerely recommend this book to all: those who have not been born again; those who have been born again but are living a carnal Christian life; as well as those who have been born again and are enjoying sweet fellowship with our Lord by His grace.” —David F.

“References to Scripture are rich, clear and specific. The reader is in no doubt as to the source and authority of the challenge he faces for salvation (being ‘born again’) in Christ Jesus.” —Ruth F. (Mrs)

“I conclude…with, ‘If [we] know these things, blessed are [we] if [we] do them’ (John 13:17).” —Simon A.

“…it feels like one is in a classroom and being taught the basics of the Christian faith and the
reality Christians face.” —’Yimika O. (Mrs)