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A seed of God

Seed contains a concept, a God-given, definitive plan. This is so in nature as well as in the spiritual world. All develops according to the counsel of Him who is the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Triune God. He is the great Designer. Seed contains a program to be carried out in sequence, according to God’s master plan. Its purpose is for God’s glory.

Seed contains power which is displayed under adverse circumstances in a hostile world. A little seed is able to split a rock! This aspect is especially seen in God’s resurrection-power. We notice that God introduced the life of seeds, plants and fruit on the third day of creation. In the Bible, the third day often speaks of resurrection.

In this book, the author discusses some aspects of a work of God, the idea of a new generation with Christ as its Head. Some of the themes are: a long process, progress, abundance of life, fruitfulness, diversity and variety. God in His wisdom has also given a pattern of successive phases through which the process from seed to fruit passes. In the New Testament, especially in the parables, we find seed mentioned in connection with the power of the word and of the Holy Spirit. Seed and its fruit is used as food for the Christian. It forms us after Christ so that His characteristics may be reproduced in us. It also sustains the new life which has been given to us.