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A People For His Name

Questions abound today concerning the nature of the Church of the Living God. Because there are so many voices, with mostly discordant answers, many remain unsatisfied with the responses. Where can anyone find the answers to these and other questions: What is the Church of the Living God? When did it begin? Where can we find the Church today? Should the Church today change to suit the changing times?

This study of the Acts of the Apostles calls our attention to the word of God as the revelation of the origin of the Church. It is the divine work of the Holy Spirit, who came down to earth. The Acts is therefore the word of the Person who built the Church. God gave it to the believers of the first century. Since God has not changed and He has not changed His word then the account he gave to the early Christians is what believers need in the 21st century in order to know what is the nature of the Church of the Living God.

Author Hadley Hall
115 Pages