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This book is written for everyone who desires to serve the Lord. In this sense it concerns every Christian—every true believer! The New Testament gives basic principles important for co-operation in the Lord's work. Christ in heaven is Lord of the harvest. Living in dependence upon Him is the key to any situation in His service. There are differences of administrations, but the same Lord (1 Cor. 12:5). Recognising these fundamental principles, Eckhard Bubenzer has written this book, which may be regarded as a handbook for all believers who desire to faithfully labour in service for Christ at home or abroad. It provides answers to frequently asked questions about the calling, the sending, and the support of those who serve God. The relationship between the assembly (the church) and the servant is also considered. Our brother has given numerous quotations from the writings of faithful servants, from the past and present, and has given references to their practical experiences, to underline the principles of the Word of God. The publishers wish to encourage and help all those who are sincere in their desire to serve the Lord. This book provides scriptural counsel for harmonious co-operation in the Lord's work.
Hardcover, 192 pages