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The need for a book like this is very great. Every believer should know how to really resist the devil efficiently, in a biblical way. Resisting the Devil offers very effective helps.

To be the one to write the Foreword to this book is a very special honour granted by the Lord. I have known our dearly beloved brother ‘Nibi for many years. His Bible teaching ministry has proved very useful and indispensable to me and many others over the years.

Resisting the Devil is richly biblical. Each chapter starts with a Bible passage for one to study, with more scriptures to follow for deeper insight. There are no less than 336 Bible portions in this book! In rightly dividing the Word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15) a good job was done. In holding fast the Word of Life (Phil. 2:16) this book manifests evidence in abundance. Thanks be unto God.

The Lord Jesus Christ is highly magnified under the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is set forth as the One with unlimited power, and “How thankful we ought to be that in Christ we have access to unlimited power,” says the writer. Our Lord is also presented as the ultimate One in these words: “Where Christ is, nobody is somebody anymore.” Yes, even Satan is nobody before the risen and highly exalted Lord Jesus.