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Pages: 315

Publisher: Inheritance Publications

Publish Date: 2009

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Under the Inquisition, The Reformation Trail Series

"You have forgotten that you should confess Christ’s Name; and do you not remember, O deluded people, that whoever confesses not Christ upon earth, shall be denied by Him before His Father and the holy angels? Certainly you are not alone in this backsliding. There may be some in our valleys of the Alps who carry with them certificates that they are genuine papists, and have their children baptized by priests with all the mummeries of superstition, yes, and go to the so-called sacrifice of the mass, openly bowing the knee to Baal, that they may be seen of men; and they excuse themselves — verily a fancied excuse! — by saying secretly when they enter the mass house, ‘Cave of robbers, may God confound you!’ I have heard that similar practices extend even here. My brothers, such duplicity is intolerable to the righteous Lord. Do you think that He will not protect the men who range themselves under His banner against Antichrist, in the face of all the world? I tell you, that if all the devils on earth and in hell were leagued to destroy you, mightier is He that is for you than all that can be against you! Your Father can sheath the sword and quench the faggot of the persecutor, if it is His will; and if it is not His will — O servants of Christ! Will there not be a quicker entrance into the joy of your Lord, and a more dazzling crown of glory!"

Sobs and moans came from that excitable southern audience; glowing eyes, betokening glowing hearts, met the youthful preacher’s every look.

. . . Thus Paschali enunciated the principles which were to guide his ministry.