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Author: T.F. MARSH

My child and his need: To learn to make wise choices Biblical value: Wisdom Learning styles: Help your child learn about making wise choices in the following ways: Sight: Have your child point to the different pictures of Samson in the book. For each, ask, and Was Samson following and obeying God? and Point out that God and HIs rules serve an important purpose, and they can keep us out of trouble. When we break His rules, we suffer, just as Samson did when he lost his strength. Sound: After reading the story aloud to your child, talk about Samson and his wisdom (or lack of it) when: and Samson gave his wedding guests seven days to answer a riddle, then at the last minute told the answer to his wife who immediately informed everybody else. and Samson used foxes to burn the Philistines and their wheat fields. and Samson told Delilah the secret of his super strength. and Samson humbly asked the Lord for strength. Explain that Samson was wise when he obeyed God and foolish when he made his own choices. Touch: Have your child build a tower of wooden blocks. Then see if he or she can remove blocks from the bottom. Of course, the tower will fall over. Explain that Samson and his strength was built on God and His power, just like the tower was standing on a strong foundation of blocks. When God and His power was gone, Samson could not be strong. Emphasize that even though Samson fell, God gave him one more chance to show wisdom.