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D.J. is furious when a pack of dogs attack his helpless dog, Hero, which D.J. had tied to a post while he was in a store. Fearful that Hero will die at the veterinarian's, D.J. considers how to take revenge against the dogs he learns are owned by Beau Krockner and his brutal son. At the same time, D.J. hears that Zeke Zeering, an old hermit, has been arrested on charges of planning to dynamite a new irrigation dam. D.J. is confident that Zeke wouldn't do that, and sets out to prove it while hoping for Hero's recovery. D.J.'s investigation turns up various suspects with possible motives, but there is no proof. A number of unexpected turns make matters worse for D.J. until a series of hard rains creates a massive mud slide. This suddenly changes everything and helps reveal the identity of the person who really stole the dynamite. This ninth book shows how D.J. learns a hard lesson about seeking revenge
Number of Pages: 119