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D.J. and friend Alfred know there are no such things as ghosts until Grandpa disappears while helping a local school teacher restore an old mansion. It supposedly is occupied by the ghost of a Chinese man from California's Gold Rush Days. The boys set out to find Grandpa and discover the truth about the ghost, but so many mysterious events occur that the boys begin to wonder if they are wrong about there not being any ghosts. Several suspicious characters add mystery to D.J. and Alfred's search, but what really surprises them is when they both see what appears to be an old Chinese railroad worker rise up directly in front of the boys. What is even stranger is when D.J. hears sandals coming down the hall one night in the old mansion, but the footsteps go on to where it's humanly impossible. Will the boys unravel the mystery and find out what happened to Grandpa? This eighth book teaches that the spirit of fear is not from God.
Number of Pages: 114