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Faith that Sticks stickers are a quick and simple resource to enhance learning, prompt a smile, motivate a child, create a craft, or inspire an idea.

ISBN13: 9781414393322
ISBN: 1414393326
UPC: 000000131258
Vendor Name: Tyndale House Books
Released: Mar 06, 2014
Language: English
Group: Church Supplies
Category: Stickers
Series: Faith That Sticks


These colorful and shiny stickers are foil edged, each one representing a common symbol of faith: cross, fish (Ichthus), rainbow, star, and Bible. Great for rewards, attendance charts, or lessons for boys and girls on the meaning of Christian symbols. Each sticker is approximately ¾" x ¾". Six sheets, 25 stickers per sheet; 150 stickers per package.