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Beautiful scenery, snow, winds, cold... For some it would seem the most remote place on earth... That is Alaska. There we find warm-hearted people, burning with the Lord’s love, longing to share His love with others. Those others are crew members on the large and luxurious cruise ships. After sailing around the globe for months they then arrive in Alaska. They are received at the Seaman’s Mission, where they find a listening ear, but also hear the Good News of the One who is able to save, who died for our sins in order that we might live.
This is the story of the Seaman’s Mission in Alaska. Discover how the Lord works in the lives of individuals from all around the world.

Roeli Elbers-Heij, from the Netherlands, worked as a missionary in the Surinam jungle together with her late husband. She has been working at the Seaman’s Mission in Alaska since 2000 and more recently at the Seaman’s Mission in Norway. In the tropics or in the Arctic, she has always been engaged in the proclamation of the Gospel to those who are most isolated.

Paperback, 252 pages