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Well into her senior year of college, Katie thinks she's ready for her relationship with Rick to become more serious. Rick makes it clear he's ready to step up their relationship and goes out of his way to prove his intentions. When his schedule at work suddenly takes a turn, Katie doesn't mind having a chance to step back a little and take things more slowly. Rick's new roommate, Eli, complicates things by showing Katie a view of the universe on a midnight jaunt to see a meteor shower. Eli also shows Katie a view of the world she never saw before when he tells her how his father is in Nairobi, providing practical assistance in obtaining clean water in Africa. Thoughts of what to do with her future take on a broader view than when she was entirely focused on Rick. An unexpected call from her mother, a girls night out with Christy and a pizza making event with her fellow RA, Nicole are all intensified when her beloved car, Baby Hummer, takes its last wheeze. Will Katie be able to navigate her way through the remainder of her college career with no money, no transportation and no idea of what the future holds?