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Part devotional, part pregnancy journal, this special little book has forty chapters to correspond with each week of your pregnancy, offering comfort and spiritual guidance to those facing challenges. Each week’s reading includes Scripture verses and a journal prompt, as well as information about your baby’s development at various stages to help you get to know the little one growing inside you. A Mother’s Journeyis a great resource to help you connect deeper with your baby, yourself, and your heavenly Father. Whether you’re walking the journey of pregnancy with or without the support of a partner, remember that there is a compassionate God who is with you and who cares for you. 
A Mother’s Journey is a testimony to the wonders and depth of God’s love and grace to pregnant women and children in the womb. It is a warm, engaging, biblical journey that is comforting and encouraging to those going through a challenging time in their lives. Melissa Heiland beautifully expresses her love for the Lord and her commitment to women and the unborn. Women will be transformed in heart and spirit by the blessings of this work. This devotional should be available for all women with the gift of pregnancy, and may it find its way into all pregnancy resource centers to impact the lives and souls of many. 
—Frank Imbarrato, M.D., Medical Director, My Choice Pregnancy Care Center, New York
Melissa Heiland is a wife and mother of six. She has been planting and training pregnancy care centers around the world since 1994. She is also the author of A Mother’s Comfort, a devotional for a new mother in the first year of her child’s life.