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D.J. didn't see any harm in unfastening the leash from his little dog, Hero, for a run in the mountains, but that simple act caused the boy a world of fear and pain. D.J. was surprised when his hound didn't return. D.J. learned that a rabid dog answering Hero's description had bitten a little diabetic boy. Like Hero, the strange dog and the little boy had disappeared into the mountains. The boy's father sets out to find his son and destroy the dog, but mistakes Hero for the rabid one. In a race against time to find and save his dog, D.J. discovers the little boy unconscious and in desperate need of medical aid. But there is no way to call for help and the mad dog prevents D.J. from going himself. In this fifth book, D.J. learns that even little irresponsible acts may cause big trouble.
Number of Pages: 115