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Author: Michael Phillips
Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister  #7

Pursued as a Union spy within Confederate territory, Corrie Belle Hollister's desperate attempt to escape on horseback was cut short by an explosion of sound. The pain from the deadly bullet lasted only a moment-followed by numbness. Then nothingness as blackness overcame the light . . .

As she awakens from unconsciousness, she finds herself in the care of an elderly man and a young man who, like Corrie, is attempting to determine what to do next with his life. With his help, she recovers from amnesia and is able to go on to aid the Union cause in the Civil War. But will Corrie discover the answers to life's most important questions . . . at the convent, in herwriting, in the service of President Lincoln? Through a sequence of dramatic events, Corrie learns more about God's goodness and faithfulness.