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D.J. is surprised one night to hear a mysterious hound with a rare bugle voice baying on a trail. The hound dog men of Stoney Ridge would give almost anything to own such a dog. Many try to catch the newcomer; but it always runs alone at night and is never seen. D.J. and friend Alfred would like to catch the bugler to replace the skinny stray that recently adopted Alfred's family. This new dog won't even bay on trail, so it's important that D.J. and Alfred find the bugler before some other hunters do. In chasing after the ghost dog, the boys tumble upon a mystery. Someone is polluting the mountain lakes. A stranger threatens the boys, but they continue looking for the bugler. In a final dramatic encounter, the boys not only solve the mystery of who's poisoning the lake, but discover the secret of the ghostly bugler. This fourth book teaches that things are not always what they seem.
Number of Pages: 121