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1. Because We Abide in Him
2. He Himself Calls Us
3. As One Who Serves
4. Our Head
5. In Suffering Wrong
6. Crucified with Him
7. In His Self-Denial
8. In His Self-Sacrifice
9. Not of the World
10. In His Heavenly Mission
11. As the Elect of God
12. In Doing God's Will
13. In His Compassion
14. In His Oneness with the Father
15. In His Dependence on the Father
16. In His Love
17. In His Praying
18. In His Use of Scripture
19. In Forgiving
20. In Beholding Him
21. In His Humility
22. In the Likeness of His Death
23. In the Likeness of His Resurrection
24. Conformable to His Death
25. Giving His Life for Men
26. In His Meekness
27. Abiding in the Love of God
28. Led by the Spirit
29. In His Life through the Father
30. In Glorifying the Father
31. In His Glory
32. On Preaching Christ Our Example

Experiencing abundant joy and dynamic power is possible for every Christian today. But first, we need to focus on the life and personality of Christ. Andrew Murray paints a portrait of the Son of God that will increase your desire to be like Him. Depicted in these pages are many characteristics of Christ, including His compassion, His self-denial, His oneness with the Father, His prayer life, and His use of Scripture. You will discover how you can have a full life in Him and how you, too, can reflect he life and love of Jesus in your daily walk.