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D.J. and friend Alfred face a life-threatening situation in the mountains when D.J. is bitten by a flea that might have carried the deadly bubonic plague. To save D.J.'s life, the boys have only a few days to reach a doctor. A raging wildfire prevents seeking help on land. The only alternative is to become rookie rafters on a highly dangerous white water river. The experienced rafters include two brothers who mistakenly think D.J. and Alfred saw them deliberately burn a cabin. To keep the friends from testifying against them, one of the brothers plans that D.J. will accidentally fall overboard in the turbulent currents. A series of close calls delays the rafters, but D.J. is still hopeful when one of the brothers disappears. The necessary search starts as time runs out for D.J. This tenth book helps D.J. learn the truth that 'The Lord is with you, while you are with Him.
Number of Pages: 117