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 As many around him were trying to make the path to Jesus seem as undemanding as possible, A.W. Tozer remained resolute--Christ calls His followers to carry their cross, and there is nothing easy about true discipleship. Tozer's timeless message is as needed today as it was then--the genuine Christian must believe in and obey God. Jesus must be both Savior and Lord.

A compilation of Tozer's sermons and writings, Discipleship provides an artful call to all-in Christian living. Through eloquent and winsome prose, Tozer brings us back to the simple truth we so often neglect--that He who is all in all demands all of us.

And as the Sirens' call of half-hearted piety beckons to each of us, Tozer offers this timely reminder that the cost of following Christ is indeed high, but that the reward is beyond compare.