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Have you ever had a heart-changing, life-changing experience? Dolores E. Coupland had one approximately twenty years ago when she picked up Charles H. Spurgeon’s devotional book, "Morning and Evening." As she read those amazing passages on the love and loveliness of Jesus, her heart was captivated. In fact, it was not only captivated but it was changed. Since then it has been Coupland’s passion to share this aspect of Spurgeon’s writings with others. This has led to many hours spent going through his sermons, collecting choice thoughts and assembling them into devotionals. It has been said that if we would read Matthew 27 every day we would obtain and retain a passionate love for Jesus. Well, these daily meditations have been designed with the same purpose in mind. The cross was central to Spurgeon and so it is here. This whole book is centered on Jesus, on his great sacrifice for us and on what he means to us. He is our salvation, our treasure, our heaven, our all. Spurgeon once wrote, "Are you trusting in the cross? Are you resting in Jesus? If not, may the Lord teach you this blessed privilege. There is no joy like it. There is no strength like it. There is no life like it. There is no peace like it. At the cross we find our heaven. It is through the cross that all heavenly, holy things abound within our hearts." Yes, we must dwell at the cross and these daily meditations will assist us in staying there. Have you ever visited Gethsemane, that place that is so appropriately named "olive-press"? What about Gabbatha? Have you spent some precious moments there? And what about that most important place of all--Golgotha? Have you been there? Oh, it is of the utmost importance that you find your way there! In fact, your very life depends on it. So come. Let us open up the pages of this book, day by day, and follow Charles Spurgeon as he leads us to all those precious places where our Savior lived, suffered and then died for our redemption.